Process to fill Form A

Process for Filing Form A to be Registered Valuer under the Companies Act 2013
To become registered valuer under the Companies Act, 2013, you are required to fill the application in prescribed form for registration as a registered valuer under rule 3 of the Companies (Registered Valuers and Valuation Rules) 2017.

In this regard, you may make an application to the authority (IBBI) in Form-A. Kindly follow the following steps while filling Form A to be Registered Valuer which have been developed on the basis of requirements of IBBI:

  1. Click on the Link to fill Form A: https://ibbi.gov.in/en/rvs-register/pre-registration
  2. It is a three interface process, before uploading the form, kindly go through the details carefully.
    • Personal Details
    • Other Details
    • Attach Documents
  3. Where there is a difference in your name in various Certificates enclosed by you, please enclose an Affidavit alolngwith Form A as one single PDF. Format is given below as Annexure “A” For example:

  4. Affidavit is required in the following cases
    • In PAN card, it is appearing as “Ajay Jain” and in Graduation degree, it is appearing as “Ajay Mradula Jain”
    • Also, if the name is appearing in some documents as “Ajay S. Jain” and in some documents, it is appearing as “Ajay Jain”
    • In some documents as “Ajay Jain” and in some documents, it is appearing as “Ajai Jain”
    • In case there is any other combination
  5. In the proof address column enclosed PAN card (mandatory) as proof of identity.
  6. Enclose Address Proof. Either the Communication address or permanent address should be the same as that of the address proof given by you. (Your Communication address will be hosted on IBBI Website)
  7. In the Educational Qualification Column, attach the Graduation Degree or any educational qualification document.
  8. In the Professional Qualification Column, enclose ICAI Certificate of Membership.
  9. In the Professional Qualification column, Please state your professional membership number, either give your CA membership No. or the number on the Educational Course Certificate given by ICAI RVO. We will allot the number at the time of approval of the application.
  10. Experience Details to be given till the date of filling of FORM A with IBBI. For example:
  11. If the Form is filled on 9th October, 2018 and you have worked in four Organisations the details will be filled as follows:
  12. From Date To Date Employment/Practice If Employed Name of Employer and Designation If in Practice, Practice As Area of Work
    1/1/2000 1/07/2010 Employment XYZ Company,Manager Audit, taxation,Valuation
    2/7/2010 30/9/2012 Practice M/S ABC and Company Proprietor Audit, taxation,Valuation
    1/10/2012 30/09/2015 Employment XYZ Company,Manager Audit, taxation,Valuation
    1/10/2015 9/10/2018 Practice M/S ADF and Company Partner Audit, taxation,Valuation
  13. In the Copy of proof of membership with a Registered Valuers Organisation Column, please upload Educational Course Certificate by ICAI alongwith the Screen Shot of the Mark sheet or the Mark sheet if received from IBBI, for clearing IBBI Registered Valuers Examination in One single PDF
  14. Experience letters (till date) to be uploaded separately for all the Experience shown in one single PDF For Example,

    •  If you have shown experience of 25 years in Employment/Practice, then Experience letters for 25 years with respective Company/Firms alongwith the Certificate of Practice.
    •  If you have shown 5 years of experience of employment in company “A”, 2 years of experience of employment in company “B”, 3 years of experience in practice in firm “A”. Enclose 3 Experience Certificates of the respective Companies/Firms for the details shown alongwith the Certificate of Practice.

    For Employment
    •  Your experience letter should clearly mention the period of your employment: Mr. A is employed in ABC Company from 1st January, 2000 to 9th October, 2015.
    •  Do note enclose appointment letter as it does not show the from and to period or
    •  Enclose both Appointment as well as Relieving letters with the date of joining the company and leaving the company.
    •  On the letter, there should be a mention about the field/ area of your work.
    •  If it is not mentioned, a mail from the previous employer substantiating the above.

    For Practice
    •  If you are currently in practice or there is a previous experience shown for practice then on the letterhead of the Firm you have to give a Declaration. A sample is given in Annexure “B”.

    The documents have to be uploaded in one single PDF in the column copies of documents demonstrating practice or work experience for the relevant period.
  15. Where Experience Letters are not available for practice, please enclose an Affidavit. Format is given as Annexure “C”.
  16. Addendum to Form A to be uploaded with Form A (in one PDF) which is given as Annexure “D”.
  17. Income Tax Returns should not be password protected.
  18. Take a print out of the Application filed and upload the signed and scanned copy of the application alongwith the addendum to the Form A in the column Form A.
  19. Fees to be paid to ICAI Registered Valuers Organisation (ICAI RVO) is as follows:-
    •  * Rs. 2000/- (Rupees Two Thousand only) as Enrolment Fee plus GST @ 18%. Total =2,360/-
    •  * Rs. 10,000/- (Rupees Ten Thousand only) as Annual membership fee plus GST @ 18%, Total = 11,800/-
    •  * Membership Fee is charged at 50% of the Annual Membership Fee i.e. an amount of Rs. 5000/- (Rupees Five Thousand only) plus GST @     18% (Total- Rs. 5900) w.e.f. 1st October of each Financial Year w.e.f. 1st October of each Financial Year.
    •  The Fee has to be paid through NEFT:

    Please find the NEFT details below:
    •  A/c name- ICAI Registered Valuers Organisation
    •  Bank name- State Bank of India
    •  A/c No. - 37678658160
    •  IFSC - SBIN0005222

  20. Kindly send the Form A along with the addendum to Form A and the Affidavits (if any) at the undermentioned address.
  21. Once the online filled Form is approved by ICAI RVO, you will receive payment link directly from IBBI.
  22. Please make a non-refundable application fee of five thousand Rupees + GST @ 18% in favour of the authority (IBBI) at the link (Payment Gateway Link) received from IBBI.
  23. Send the proof of payment alongwith date of payment to IBBI at icairvo@icai.in or send the hard copy alongwith Form A.
  24. Once you will fill and submit the Form, you will receive User id and password details from IBBI, please save the User id and password for future reference.
  25. You would be able to edit the application after login (BSE Enrolment No., email and mobile number are not permitted to edit further). Also, there is an option to save data as when you have filled the form and relogin after some time, you may enter only “BSE Enrolment No.” and prefilled data would be auto-populated. Thus, you do not need to enter data again.
  26. You need to login to upload Form A. After uploading of Form A, you would not be able to edit the application. In case any need arises to edit the application after uploading of Form A, please contact ICAI RVO to reject your application. After rejection by RVO, You may edit the application.
  27. In case of any discrepancy in the Form the same will be rejected by ICAI RVO and you may edit and correct the Form.
  28. In case the password is not received, You may get the new password on Forgot Password facility available on the link: ibbi.gov.in/webfront/valuers/forgotpassword/forgotpassword.php
  29. Please note that login link could be accessed at the link: ibbi.gov.in/webfront/valuers/login.php

  30. We once again request you to kindly read the Form carefully and upload the same as it is difficult to edit the Form, once uploaded.

ICAI Registered Valuers Organisation

IBBI RVO Recognition No. – IBBI/RVO/2018/006

Registered Office:
ICAI Bhawan, Indraprastha Marg,
New Delhi – 110002

Corporate Office

ICAI Bhawan, A-29, Sector – 62,
Noida – 201309
Phone: 0120-2975275/76/77/78
Website: https://icairvo.in
E-Mail: icairvo@icai.in / rvocourse@icai.in