Educational Course for Securities or Financial assets Class (50 hrs Training).

For details please refer to gazette ( No. 866 ) issued by Govt. of India Dt. 18th Oct, 2017

Educational Course for Securities or Financial assets class

Recognized as Registered Valuers Organisation by IBBI



Training programme for IBBI valuation exam

For details please refer to gazette ( No. 866 ) issued by Govt. of India Dt. 18th Oct, 2017 (

The Course :

  • Classroom teaching
  • Additional facility of online classes
  • Includes training

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Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India

30 th December, 2017

Subject: Valuation Examination for Asset Class- Securities or Financial Assets In pursuance of the rule 5 (3) of the Companies (Registered Valuers and Valuation) Rules, 2017, the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India, being the Authority, hereby publishes the syllabus, format and frequency of the ‘Valuation Examination’ for the asset class: Securities or Financial Assets.

Sl. No. Coverage Weight (%)
a. Macro Economics
- National Income Accounting
- Basics of Fiscal Policy
- Basics of Monetary Policy
- Understanding Business cycles
b. Finance
- Basic Concepts of Finance
- Decisions in Finance
- Financial Markets and Securities Markets
c. Professional Ethics and Standards
- Model Code of Conduct as notified by MCA
- Other Engagement Considerations
d. Financial Statement Analysis
- Assets, Liabilities, Income and Expenses
- Performance Analysis, Capital Structure Analysis
- Credit Analysis
- Cash Flow Analysis
e. General laws and Judicial Pronouncements
• Registered Valuers and Valuation Rules, 2017
- Valuation Standards
- Registered Valuers Organisation
- Registration of Valuers
- Asset Classes
• Indian Contract Act, 1872
- Offer, Acceptance and Revocation
- Legal Contract, Void and Voidable Contracts
- Contingent Contracts
- Performance of Contracts
- Consequences of Breach of Contract
- Agency Agreements
• The Sale of Goods Act, 1930
- Contract of Sale
- Definition of Goods
- Price of Goods
- Conditions and Warranties
- Unpaid Seller
• The Transfer of Property Act, 1882
- Definition of Immovable Property
- Transfer and Sale of Property
- Rights and Labilities of Buyer and Seller
- Mortgage of Property
- Rights and Liabilities of Mortgager and Mortgagee
- Gift of Immovable Property
- Lease
• Indian Stamps Act, 1899
- Basics of Indian Stamp Act
- Valuation for Duty
- Instruments on which duty is levied
• Income Tax Act, 1961
- Taxes on Individuals
- Taxes on Companies and other entities
- Heads of Income- Salary, House Property, Business
Income, Capital gain and Income from other sources
- Clubbing and Set off provisions
• Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016
- Corporate Insolvency Resolution
- Corporate Liquidation
• Judicial Pronouncements
- Important Judicial Precedents of Valuation
f. Overview of Valuation
- Meaning of Value
- Premise of Valuation
- Purpose of Valuation
- Valuation Engagements
- Valuation Process
- Valuation Report
- Documentation
g. Valuation Approaches and Methodologies
- Income Approach
- Market Approach
- Cost Approach
h. Valuation Application
• Equity / Business Valuation
- Analysis of Business Environment
- Entity’s Business Strategy Analysis
- Business Combination- Amalgamation, Merger,
Demerger, Arrangement & Restructuring
- Forecasting
- Cash flow Analysis
- Appropriate Cost of Capital / Rate of Return
- Valuation Adjustments
• Fixed Income Securities
- Types of Fixed Income Securities
- Types of Different Debt Instruments
- Terms used in Fixed Income Securities
- Credit Rating of Bonds
- Embedded Options
- Interest Rate Derivative Products
- Related FIMMDA Circulars
• Option Valuation
- General Principles
- Option Valuation Models – Black and Scholes
Valuation Methodology, Black and Scholes Merton
Option Pricing Method
- Binomial Tree Method, Monte Carlo Simulation
• Valuation of other Financial Assets and Liabilities
• Intangible Assets
- Nature and Classification of Intangibles
- Identification of Nature of Intangible Assets
- Purpose of Intangibles Valuation
- Valuation Approaches
• Valuation Application: Situation Specific Valuation
- Business Combination – Amalgamation, Merger,
Demerger, Arrangement & Restructuring
- Distressed Asset Valuation
- Start-up Entities Valuation
- Valuation of Small and Medium Enterprises
- Valuation of Cyclical Firms
- Valuation of Investment Entities
- Valuation for Insurance Coverage
i. Laws and Regulations relevant to Financial Assets Valuation
• Financial Reporting
- Financial Reporting (Indian Accounting Standards),
Ind AS 113
• The Companies Act, 2013
- Chapter IV - Share Capital and Debenture
- Chapter XV - Compromise Arrangements and
Amalgamation and Relevant Rules
- Chapter XX - Winding Up
• SEBI Regulations
- SEBI (ICDR), 2009
- SEBI (LODR), 2015
- SEBI (Mutual Fund) Regulations, 1996
- SEBI (Share based Employee Benefits) Regulation,
- SEBI (SAST) Regulations, 2011,
- SEBI(Delisting) Regulations
- ESOP Valuation
• RBI and FEMA Regulations
- FEMA (Transfer or Issue of Security by a Person
Resident Outside India), Regulations, 2017
- Foreign Direct Investment (Pricing Guidelines)
- Direct Investment by Residents in Joint Venture/
Wholly Owned Subsidiary abroad.
- Prudential Norms for Classification, Valuation and
Operation of Investment Portfolio by Banks.
- Guidelines on Sale of Stressed Assets by Banks
- SARFESI Act, 2002
• Income Tax and Other Statues
- Capital Gain on Transfer of Assets
- Taxation on Income of Corporate Entities, Partnership
- Carry Forward of Losses
- Compliance of DTAA Agreements
j. Case Studies (This section will have 2 case studies for application of
valuation techniques. There will be two comprehensions narrating the
transaction based on which questions will be asked from each case.)

II.Format of Examination

The format of examination is as under:


III. Frequency of Examination

The frequency of Examination is as under:

Further details about the examination will be provided subsequently.


(a) The primary membership fee is Rs 5000 plus 18% GST= Rs 5900/-

(b) The Educational course Fee is Rs 25000 plus 18% GST = Rs 29500/ but the Educational course Fee for members who have participated/passed the Certificate Course on Valuation earlier been conducted by ICAI is Rs. 20000 plus 18% GST = Rs 23600/-

Payment to be made through Demand Draft/ Multi city cheque to be drawn in favour of "ICAI Registered Valuers Organisation" payable at New Delhi

Please note that if the fee cheque(s) submitted by the applicant is/are not cleared and returned by the Bank, the application will be liable to be rejected.

  • Separate Cheques (Local)/Demand Drafts (Payable at New Delhi) to be prepared i.e. for Primary Registration and Educational Course in favour of "ICAI Registered Valuers Organisation" payable at New Delhi
  • Address to send the duly signed hard copy of the Form is: Secretariat, ICAI Registered Valuers Organisation (ICAI RVO), 2nd Floor, Hostel Block, A- 29, Sector- 62, Noida - 201309, Phone: +91 120 3876867.
  • Applicants are requested to email (if possible) the scanned copies of Form along with the self-attested documents at