Faculty Details of ICAI RVO
Sl. No. Faculty Topics
1. CA. Ajay Baheti ● Overview of Valuation,Valuation Approaches and Methodologies
2. CA. Aseem Mankodi ● Valuation Application, Intangilbe and Option Valuation
3. CA. Mihir Gada ● Registered Valuer & Valuation Rules Valuation Standards,Professional Ethics and Standards
4. CA. Mohan Lavi ● Financial Reporting under Indian Accounting Standards (IND AS),General Laws
5. CA. Parag Kulkarni ● Valuation Application, Finance, Case Studies
6. CA. Parag Ved ● Overview of Valuation, Valuation Application
7. CA. R. Suriyanarayanan ● Valuation Application Situation Specific Valuation,Case Studies
8. CA. Rajan Wadhawan ● Financial Statement Analysis,Fixed Income Securities
9. CA. Sujal Shah ● Valuation Application,Situation Specific Valuation,Case Studies
10. CA. Sumit Dhadda ● Financial Statement Analysis, Fixed Income Securities, General Laws, Macro Economics
11. CA. T V Balasubramanian ● Valuation Application and Approaches, Intangible Asset
12. CA. Tarun Mahajan ● Overview of Valuation, Valuation Application, Case Studies
13. Mr. N. S Prabhakar ● Macroeconomics
14. CA. Ashish Makhija ●General Laws, Case Studies, Judicial Pronouncements
15. Mr. Thriyambak Kannan ● Judicial Pronouncements,General laws
16. CA. Rashmi Shah ● Option Valuation, Valuation Application, Finance